Instant data collection and anomaly detection solution.


Plug-n-play Energy
and Sensor data acquisition

No Programming
No Maintenance
No Hidden Costs
Plug-n-play installation
Continuous process analysis
Live anomaly detection
Cost braking solution


IIoT data acquisition hardware

Increase Reliability

Prevent breakdowns, reduce production downtime and business interruption

Optimize Energy Consumption

Save on optimised working cycles and get notified by anomalies

Reduce costs of ownership

Inspect assets thorugh remote monitoring center


Facility Management
Smart City



  • Factories, Workshops, Workshop departments
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Residential & Commercial premises
  • Plant and server rooms etc…
Heating / Cooling / Ventilation
  • Supply and exhaust systems (gases, liquids)
  • Air handling equipment (chillers, dry coolers)
  • Cooling, Heating, facilities
  • Individual heat points


Energy engineering
  • Power
  • Consumption
  • Power Balance Control
  • Current, voltage – phase, linear
  • Power – active, reactive, full
  • Harmonic analysis up to 30th order
  • Ultrasonic sensors (range, body placement)
  • Reading data from the controllers via ModbusRTU
  • Flow and Consumption of gases and liquids
Common parameters
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Integrated air quality, CO2, impurities of gases
  • Illumination
  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Fluid leakage
  • Distance


Use cases

Data as a service

Industrial IoT empowers you to collect real instant data from almost any sensor. Start collecting data you need and become value you dreamed without complex integration, endless hardware programming and expensive adjustments.

For Developer

Get ready-to-use Industrial IoT data through any common way: Rest API, MQTT, gRPC, OPC UA, SQL-Query. Interact directly with all stages of the data processing for additional value. Use power of normal behavior patterns and out of the box anomaly detection engine.

IoT Hub

Optimize your data storing expenses on several layers through Industrial IoT Ecosystem compression engine and cloud infrastructure. Up to 10 times more effective as competitors. We do not charge processing incoming metrics, because our mission is to empower gathering more data.

Predictive Maintenance

Prevent asset failure by analyzing machine stream data to identify behavior patterns and predict issues before they happen.

Predictive Quality

Keep production quality at a high by forecasting quality deviations in advance, accurately pinpointing the source of the problem to prevent it from occurring.

Digital Twin

Compare product design to actual performance with a Digital Twin that accurately tracks products, processes, and systems in real time.

Process Optimization

Predict and prevent process disturbances in chemical manufacturing to maximize production throughput.

Remote Monitoring

Get deep visibility into equipment health and actionable insights to maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and cut maintenance costs.

Remote Monitoring

Get deep visibility into equipment health and actionable insights to maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and cut maintenance costs.


You send us a project description and an electrical diagram of your system and we will calculate an optimal installation plan. We will also be happy to help you select the most suitable probes to supply you with a complete package.
Or you can order all devices yourself online and have them installed according to simple instructions.

The devices can be installed by our technicians or directly by your staff.

After installation and easy setup, you can see your data online, set up your own dashboards and notifications.

Please contact us for more information.

Yes you can. You can also send us an electrical plan and we will calculate an optimal hardware configuration. As we buy sensors from the market we can’t support all of them. If it is broken we will replace it with a working one. If you need personal services, please a sensor producer.
Devices do not have a Long Term memory. The data will be saved on an IoT Hub and transmitted to the server when the connection appears. Please mind memory restrictions of a IoT Hub.
Yes, Industrial IoT Ecosystem can be deployed on premise for certain cases. Please contact our consultants to know more.
No you don’t. Industrial IoT devices can be connected wireless to minimize cabling expenses.

IIoT devices can operate wirelessly through several connection types: per radio channel on 434/868MHz, LoRa or NBIoT.

Yes, you can get all the data from the Industrial IoT Data Hub and push it directly to your system. Or you can easily set up a data connection to any IoT cloud infrastructure like Azure or AWS.

Sure you can send data to IIoT Ecosystem cloud via Rest API, MQTT, OPC UA and discuss with us your certain integration needs.

    • Your can pull data via Rest API, MQTT, OPC UA, SQL-Queries, directly to Azure/AWS/Whatsan IoT Hub
    • You can get raw data directly from IoT Hub per MQTT or per SQL from a relational time series Database or through

Yes, you can set up a direct data transmitting through apull data per Rest API, MQTT, OPC UA, SQLQueries, directly to Azure/AWS/Whatsan IoT Hub.

Yes we do and we would be happy to support you by developing an appropriate hardware for your purposes.

Power Connect

Measurement precision for voltage, current: 0.2%
Measurement precision for active energy: Class 0.5S

Current Sensors x 12
Voltage Sensors x 4
Digital Output x 2
RS485 (Can work as a gateway)
Contact us to know more

Current: Current Sensor (AC/0.333V) / Current Transformer (1A) /Rogowski Coil
Voltage: Direct Measurements

Sensor Connect

Sensor Connect supports standard sensor protocols as


Industrial IoT Ecosystem stands on the cutting edge of the IT world. We do make a difference through technology and therefore intend to use only the best one inside. Feel free to question ask for technolgies and approaches, we are also to discuss geeky IT topics.


Industrial IoT Ecosystem is created to care about your data. Thus data security is one of the core aspects four our development team. Every architecture decision, every internal class and every external library are carefully secured from possible threats through several levels of code review, testing and internal development guidlines. Do not hesitate to question us about the security one another time, we are glad to share our experince and discuss cases. There is never too much security, espcially today.

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