Factory 4.0 Defined Manufacturing facilities globally are undergoing major transformations in virtually every sector. The way products are made and materials processed is changed by digitization, and data has become the key that opens doors to technological possibilities. This could lead to manufacturing being reshaped completely. Traditional manufacturing models are slowly evolving into what is

The world has recently entered a new age of manufacturing and this technological revolution will change the industry forever. This next step is called digital transformation and it uses digital data, connectivity, and processing to enhance every aspect of manufacturing activities. From rapid R&D and prototyping to performance and production analytics, digital transformation in manufacturing

Condition Monitoring (CM) Defined The term Condition Monitoring is self-explanatory and it basically means to monitor an asset’s condition. CM is seen as the foundation of what is known as Industry 4.0. An integral function of CM within the IIoT ecosystem is to provide data that can ultimately be used for various smart factory applications,